Spider Image

Spider Kinden artwork by David-Elliot Mumford

Spiders are elegant. Spiders are intelligent. Spiders are political. Spiders are treacherous. Everyone knows all of this yet still, somehow, they manage to weave their webs and dance their dance throughout the Spiderlands and Lowlands, and perhaps beyond. Their society is Matriarchal, with distinct classes, the Aristoi being at the top.

They are tall, slender and pale. Spiders have an abiding hatred of Mantids

Spider Cities: Everis, Seldis, presumably many of the cities in the Spiderlands.

Spider Arts: All spiders are born with manipulation in their blood. Many of them can cling to a surface with their hands and feet. Some spiders can generate silk between their fingers. The weapons of a spider are a pair of small bone spines that emerge from their knuckles when the fist is clenched, these can be poisoned.