Scorpion Image

Scorpion Kinden artwork by David-Elliot Mumford

If there's one thing that people say about Scorpions it is that they are Big. Towering over even the Spiders and Mantids the are also bulky and muscular compared to those two elegant kinden. Generally bald and white-skinned, no Scorpion has ever been called pretty. There is a tendancy for a snaggle-toothed visage to go with their viscious-looking hand claws.

Scorpion Cities: None, but the Dryclaw and Nem deserts are the home of these poeple.

Scorpion Arts: All Scorpion have 2 large claws on each hand, on the thumb and forefinger. Some Scorpions have been known to perform feats of strength beyond even what their physique implies.