Name: Nicrephos

Kinden: Moth

Gender: Male

Titles: Doctor; Master Gownsman

Introduced: Empire in Black and Gold Ch 6

Doctor Nicrephos is the lecturer in Inapt Studies in the Great College in Collegium.

Empire in Black and GoldEdit

Summoned to heal Stenwold Maker in the middle of the night after an assassination attempt. He agrees to keep it quiet as the final paying off of a debt to him.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

During the siege by Vek he brings his small class together to carry out a ritual to inflict nightmares on the attackers. This is hijacked and enhanced by the Darakyon, but only so that the forest can send him off to retrieve the Shadow Box. Intercepted by the Imperial hunters, he is found almost dead by Stenwold and dies soon after