Inhabitants: Soldier Beetle-kinden

Ruler: Imperial Governor Ulther

Colouration: Blue-grey

Myna is a walled city just outside what is normally considered the Lowlands, but is built where a Moth city used to be during the days of Lore. This, together with the unusual spacious Mole Cricket constructed sewers, implies that the reach of the Moth used to extend beyond the current Lowlands. The city has an airfield at its highest point and steep enough areas that some alleyways and closes are staired.

About fifteen years ago Myna was conquered by the Wasp Empire, despite the best efforts of young Stenwold Maker and his friends. Since then there has been an active resistance, although the extreme response from the Imperial Garrison means that they tend to keep their actions quiet.

Book 1: Ulther is killed by Thalric for the crime of war profiteering, at the behest of the Rekef Inlander. At the same time Kymene, the Maid of the Resistance, is set free during a rescue staged by Stenwold for his niece Cheerwell.

Book 4: Latvoc has been installed as the new Imperial governor but is killed, along with his superior General Reiner, by Thalric, this time as a personal point, and the city goes into revolt. The actions of Cheerwell ensure that the rebels win before re-inforcements arrive.

Book 5: Myna has joined with the cities of Szar and Maynes to form the Three City Alliance and is now ruled by Kymene.