Mantis Image

Mantis Kinden

The Mantis-kinden are the most feared warriors of the Lowlands, and likely beyond. Mostly keeping to their forest Holds these days they used to be of great influence under the Moth rule during the Days of Lore. "Masters of the Grey, Servants of the Green", is a comment sometimes heard. They have a tendancy to being tall and slender, with a fighter's grace. Most hold to a very strict code of honour that strongly colours their worldview.

Mantis Cities: Not cities as such, the holds of Etheryon, Felyal, Netheryon. Formerly Darakyon. Probably Eryon, maybe Y'yen.

Mantis Arts: All Mantis are superhumanly fast, and most have bone spines growing from their forearms. Many Mantids have improved sight and some can Fly or Leap powered by their art.