Name: Hofi

Kinden: Fly

Gender: Male

Titles: Rekef Agent

Introduced: Dragonfly Falling Ch 1

Hofi is a highly respected barber in Collegium. He is also a spy for the Wasp Empire. The extent of his duties is to listen when his prestigious clients talk, maybe steering the conversation a bit, and pass along any tidbits that he hears.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

When the wasps decide that it is time to deal with Collegium, they expect all of their agents to step up. Hofi is content to go along with this until the point that Thalric arrives and expects them to sabotage the defenders against the Vekken. Hofi, Arianna and one other rebel against their masters and a fight breaks out among the spies. Only Arianna and Thalric survive.