Name: Chyses

Kinden: Soldier Beetle, Myna

Gender: Male


Introduced: Empire in Black and Gold Ch 24

It is unsurprising that Chyses is a bitter and distrustful man.  What else would you expect after living in a city under the yoke of the Wasp Empire for 15 years, all the while trying to keep a resistance movement secret?

Empire in Black and GoldEdit

As the leader of one of the cells in the Red Flags, Chyses is the contact that Hokiak gives Stenwold when he and his companions arrive in Myna looking for a way to rescue Che and Salma from the Wasp cells.  Initially reluctant, it is only because they would provide an excuse to rescue Kymene that he eventually agrees.  It is his plan and contacts that get them into the palace.

Salute the DarkEdit

When Che returns to the city, on the trail of her foster sister Tynisa, it is Chyses that takes custody of the captive Beetle.  Convinced that she was turned in the torture chambers of the Rekef, he just wants to spend a little time with her so that he can extract the real story.  With a knife if necessary.