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Beetle Kinden

Beetle-kinden are a numerous Apt race found all over the world, though they are particularly influential in the Lowlands. Known for their industry, many Beetle-kinden become artificers or tradesmen, while others flourish as factory owners and merchants. They also have an affinity for politics and rhetoric, and the Beetle-dominated Great Assembly and Great College of Collegium have been responsible for much of the social and technological progress in the Lowlands and beyond. 

Physical Characteristics  Edit

Beetle-kinden are generally shorter than average and range from stocky to overweight. Their skin tends to be darker, and they are naturally quite strong. Their Art gives them great endurance, allowing them resist poison and fatigue and survive in the face of adversity. Many can climb very well and a few can even fly, though they are infamously bad at it. One of the rarest Beetle Arts is Darksight

Cities and SettlementsEdit

Beetle-kinden do not live in racially homogenous cities or holds like most other kinden. They are more attracted to cosmopolitan cities that have many cultures with whom to trade. That said, Beetles are the dominant kinden in Collegium and Helleron, two of the most important cities in the Lowlands, and also in the city of Khanaphes.


Beetle-kinden are extremely common in Collegium, making up the majority of the democratically elected Assemblers who govern the city and the majority of teachers at the Great College. Collegium often represents the best of Beetle-kinden society; it is a political and technological hub responsible for the spread of advanced technologies such as airships and steam engines as well as socially progressive ideas such as cooperation and trade with other cities, abolishion of slavery and tolerance of halfbreeds. Initially divided politically on relations with the Wasp Empire as some of Collegium's wealthier citizens profit from selling arms to them.


Beetle-kinden are also extremely common in Helleron, the chief industrial powerhouse of the Lowlands. Helleron's ruling Council is made up entirely of Beetle-kinden magnates, and Beetles dominate its factory-owning upper class. Though an incredibly productive city Helleron stands in stark contrast to Collegium and represents many of the downsides of Beetle society, chiefly greed. Most of Helleron is impoverished and crime-ridden, and much of its population is forced to labour in dangerous factories for pitiful wages. 


Beetle-kinden are seemingly the sole inhabitants of Khanaphes, an unusual city beyond the Desert of Nem. Khanaphir Beetles are Inapt and generally live as though the Apt Revolution never happened, which in Khanaphes it didn't. Technology of any sort is banned, and the most prominent civil servants claim only to be representatives of the city's true rulers. In truth, Khanaphes is ruled by the ancient Slug-kinden, an Inapt race who retreated from the rise of the Apt and seek to keep Khanaphes as it was in the Days of Lore.