Name: Balkus 

Fan art by selenasart

Kinden: Ant, Sarn 

Gender: Male

Introduced: Empire in Black and Gold Ch 37, Loyalties

Balkus is very tall for an ant, well over six feet, but is still as strong and well-built as expected. Balkus was a nailbowman in the Sarnesh army when he decided that he had had enough of living ineach other's heads. He turned renegade and made off with the new and powerful nailbow. He made his way as a mercenary, soon meeting up with Scuto and then becoming part of his organisation in Helleron for Stenwold Maker.


As a mercenary on the Silk Road, he visits Tark with a Spider-kinden Arista. There Balkus learns how hard it is to give up the habit of loyalty.

Empire in Black and GoldEdit

Balkus serves as an agent for Scuto, becoming one his most reliable people despite being a mercenary. He survives both the raid of Scuto's headquarters and the skirmish over the Pride without being injured, fighting with his signature nailbow.

Dragonfly FallingEdit

After the destruction of Scuto's organization Balkus enters Stenwold's service as a bodyguard in Collegium, protecting him as he gives talks to College students about Wasp threat. He helps Stenwold survive Thalric's ambush and fights against the Vekken when they besiege the city, becoming a rallying figure for the defenders, especially after the walls are breached. After the siege he is honoured for his role by the Assembly.

Blood of the MantisEdit

Balkus is left in Collegium, one of people assigned to watch Felise Mienn.

Salute the DarkEdit

To his chagrin, Balkus is made commander of the Collegium detachment that is to be sent to support Sarn in its battle against the Wasp Empire's Seventh Army. There he befriends Parops and Plius, the Ant-kinden commanders of the Tarkesh and Tseni contingents respectively. He leads the Collegiate contingent during the battle of Malkan's Folly and brings them through victorious. Afterwards, he returns to Collegium only long enough to collect Sperra so that they can both travel to Princep Salmae, where he becomes the city's Captain of Guards. 

The Sea WatchEdit

Upon arriving in Princep Salmae Stenwold searches for Balkus but he is away supervising the walls and they do not end up meeting.