Ant image

Ant Kinden artwork by David-Elliot Mumford


Ant-kinden are a numerous Apt race found throughout the world. Militaristic by nature, they typically live in independent city-states, the hostility between which is a defining trait of their kinden. Unlike most other kinden Ant skin colour varies greatly between the city states, with brownish tones most common but white, black, red and blue existing as well.

Ant-kinden are highly communal thanks to their Mindlink Art which allows all Ants of the same city-state to hear each other's thoughts and thus communicate without the need for words or gestures. The Mindlink gives Ant armies a powerful advantage in battle as they can coordinate with far greater speed and precision than their foes and continually warn each other of danger.

Ant-kinden are of average height, but solid and well-built. In the Days of Lore they were a slave-race to the Moths, but after the Apt Revolution they took control of or founded a number of cities. Ant cities are ruled by a King or Queen and are normally hostile to outsiders; some Ants such as the Tarkesh participate in the slave trade as slavers.



  • Sarn: A more cosmopolitan Ant city allied with Collegium.
  • Vek: A coastal city hostile to Collegium.
  • Tark: A slaving city near the edge of the Dryclaw.
  • Kes: A coastal city built on an island.
  • Tsen: A little-known city on the Lowlands' west coast.


  • Maynes: A city conquered by the Wasps; its people serve as Auxilians.
  • Maille: Another Ant city in the central Empire.


Although not technically a city, there is a significant population of Jungle Ants in Forest Aleth. The settlement of Aleth itself is merely a trading point for the nomadic jungle-dwellers.



The Mind-link is synonymous with Ants and considered their signature art.


Some Ants are gifted with an acidic grip and others grow bony protrusions from their fists. Some are capable of climbing sheer surfaces.